I wrote most of this post a couple years ago when we were teaching the 9-year-old primary class in our ward in Saratoga Springs, UT. Now we live in the St. George area and after we both taught Sunbeams for a while my wife is in the Primary Presidency. I found this nearly-complete post and decided it’s time to complete it.

My wife and I teach the 9-year-olds in primary. I’ve received a new calling (several by the time I’m publishing this), but still attend class for now until they get her a new co-teacher. On Sat. night, just a few weeks ago, Jill told me the lesson the next day was on the parable of The Good Samaritan and asked if I had any ideas or insights about what to teach them.

I pulled up one of my favorite Ensign articles of all time entitled “The Good Samaritan: Forgotten Symbols” from Feb. 2007 (I’ve linked to the PDF version because it’s much better when you can see the stained-glass windows talked about). If you haven’t read this article. Please take time to read it. It very clearly uses one example to demonstrate the very concept this entire blog is about: looking into the symbols to discover the true meanings, the intended meanings, the pure doctrines that are in the scriptures, that we often miss because we read superficially rather than really studying and feasting. I’m frequently as guilty of this as the next person. But anyway, near the