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Stop Misinterpreting Alma: we don’t believe in “moderation in all things”

In Alma 7, he’s visiting the people in the land and city of Gideon. He goes hoping they won’t have the same problems as the people at Zarahemla┬ádid. He’s happily rewarded, to find them a righteous and good people. He takes the opportunity to instruct them further, since righteous people are naturally hungry for the word. In verse 23 he tells them (emphasis added): 23. And now I would that ye should be humble, and be submissive and gentle; easy to be entreated; full of patience and long-suffering; being temperate in all things; being diligent in keeping the commandments...

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Alma’s “Better Than Hollywood” Sword Fight & the Battle to Preserve Freedom

In Alma 2 we learn about a threat to Mosiah’s fairly new representative-democracy. A man named Amlici wants to be the king, and he’s got a large following. King Mosiah is not long dead, and laid out all the reasons a king is bad for the people and how it limits their individual spiritual progression and agency. So it’s not just about having a king, it’s a threat to their freedom and relationship with God. Eventually they put it to a vote (which is part of Mosiah’s laws) and the popular vote decides in favor of keeping Mosiah’s elected-judges-based...

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Mosiah: the Consummate Leader

I wrote another post in my series from my studies of the Book of Mosiah. For whatever reason, I decided to add more of an introduction than I normally do. I was ready to post, when I thought “maybe Kurt would want this on LeadingLDS.” Kurt’s my business partner and buddy. I showed it to him and he really liked it. So I revised it a few times, making it significantly better. Then Kurt made me record myself reading it (sorry I sound so flat, if you listen, I’m working on doing better at projecting) so he could include...

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Alma the Younger Understands Your Doubts

This is a long one, but if you have or have had doubts about the Church or the Gospel of Jesus Christ, or knows someone who struggles with it, I think you’ll find this worth it. Mosiah 27 1. And now it came to pass that the persecutions which were inflicted on the church by the unbelievers became so great that the church began to murmur, and complain to their leaders concerning the matter; and they did complain to Alma. And Alma laid the case before their king, Mosiah. And Mosiah consulted with his priests. 2. And it came...

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Greater Punishments for the Righteous?

Mosiah 24 8. And now it came to pass that Amulon began to exercise authority over Alma and his brethren, and began to persecute him, and cause that his children should persecute their children.9. For Amulon knew Alma, that he had been one of the king’s priests, and that it was he that believed the words of Abinadi and was driven out before the king, and therefore he was wroth with him; for he was subject to king Laman, yet he exercised authority over them, and put tasks upon them, and put task-masters over them. It seems like in...

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