“The Hand of God” by the Numbers, & the Democracy of Starting Wars


Mosiah 9:13: Therefore it came to pass that king Laman began to stir up his people that they should contend with my people; therefore there began to be wars and contentions in the land.

There’s always a certain democracy to starting a war in the BoM. The king doesn’t just say “to horse!” and they go after the Nephites. They always have to get them worked up first. I suppose there’s always some politics involved, the world-over. But it’s certainly not like a powerful Pharaoh who’s army’s always seem ready for war, and are his to command. Maybe that has something to do with them being “lazy and […] idolatrous”? Continue Reading…

‘And whisper religion in their ears’ – Teaching Primary Children Deeper Gospel Understanding


I wrote most of this post a couple years ago when we were teaching the 9-year-old primary class in our ward in Saratoga Springs, UT. Now we live in the St. George area and after we both taught Sunbeams for a while my wife is in the Primary Presidency. I found this nearly-complete post and decided it’s time to complete it.

My wife and I teach the 9-year-olds in primary. I’ve received a new calling (several by the time I’m publishing this), but still attend class for now until they get her a new co-teacher. On Sat. night, just a few weeks ago, Jill told me the lesson the next day was on the parable of The Good Samaritan and asked if I had any ideas or insights about what to teach them. Continue Reading…

Things For Mormons to Remember in Our Post-Election World


I recently reshared this article from Feminist Mormon Housewives on Google+. Trying to help add a little humor and encourage people to chill out, seemed to backfire generally. In addition to the over 400 comments that article received, I got quite a few (for me) on my Google+ post. I thought it appropriate to post my response here, where others could read as well. I merely wanted to go through some points that so many LDS people seem to forget quickly when something as small in the eternal scheme of things, as a single US election, doesn’t go the way they wanted it: Continue Reading…

The Fallacy of An Expectation of Perfection In the Church & Restored Gospel

brontosaurus US postage stamp 1989

I was just listening to the award-winning FAIR podcast the other day while I was working. Some of my design work I can do while listening to something, without slowing down. This particular episode was an interview with a Brother Kevin Christensen who’s an amateur scholar (meaning he doesn’t have advanced degrees in his subjects) been published in the FARMS Review, Sunstone, and other scholarly publications. He started talking about something that struck me so strongly, that I stopped working, and just sat there listening, trying to mentally keep up and process what he was saying. Continue Reading…