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Sacred Symbolic is a blog focused on the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, as restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith. The intention is to discover truth through coming to a better understanding of symbolism. This includes symbolism wherever it is found.

Tevya Washburn

My name is Tevya Washburn. Sacred Symbolic is my creation, though I believe the content to be merely discovery of God’s creations. This blog is merely an attempt to discover some of God’s messages to man, through studying symbolism. I hope this will be accomplished through an ongoing discussion of the various articles I post here. I invite those who feel they would like to write full articles, to contact me so that I can review their first article, and if it is appropriate, setup an account for them so they may post on Sacred Symbolic. Everyone is invited to comment and discuss the articles posted here, as long as it is kept respectful of others and the subject matter.

I attribute much of what is here, either directly or indirectly to my mental and spiritual mentors: