1st-anniversary-reportJust over a year ago, I posted my second post on Sacred Symbolic. Anyone can post once, so I consider the 2nd post the proof that I was serious about my new project of trying to write up various restored gospel truths, as I studied them, found them, etc.

Its been a great year, and I’ve seen tons of changes in my own life. This blog has meant a lot to me, as you–those who read–give comments and feedback. It has kept me thinking, studying, and praying about doctrines of the gospel, in times when I might otherwise have given little time to such matters, because of the press of less spiritual–but often more loudly demanding–challenges of everyday life. For that I thank all who read.

In the coming year, I’d encourage you to leave your thoughts on each subject as you comment. My original vision was that this blog would become more of a conversation or discussion, where we all learn from one another, rather than myself merely “preaching.”

The following numbers tell me, even at times when comments are few, that people are reading, and coming back. Once again, thank you.

Current Statistics (The Past 3 Months):

  • Average Visitors Per Day: 27.35
  • Percent that are New Visitors: 78.9
  • Total Unique Visitors: 2,010

From the Beginning (All Time):

I wish all of you a Merry Christmas. Make sure that you really make the new year a happy one.