My Grandfather, J Ballard Washburn, gave the devotional at BYU-Idaho this past Tues., the 9th of Feb. 2010. He entitled his talk “Our Mission In Life” with the “Our” referring to each of us, as a married couple, or individuals when we find our eternal companion, or “You and Your Sweetheart” as he parenthetically put it in the title.

Personally I really enjoyed the talk. He made some powerful points about putting one’s wife above himself, and the Lord above everything. He used two examples from his own life that he said he was ashamed to share, because they were bad examples, but that we can learn from them.

It was also interesting for me to see some slight shift in perspective, and depth of understanding, since Grandma passed away just over a year ago. Not to suggest that I have any conception of how his perspective has changed, or his understanding deepened, but just going off the talks he’s given in the past, I sense the change, though I can only understand it on the level that his words (and the Spirit, most importantly) touch me.

You can listen to it here:

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I’m trying to get the video, which I will post once I get it.

A Grandfather’s Message to His Grandchildren

I’ve also added video of his last BYU-Idaho devotional, to the page I built in honor of my Grandfather. Its a great talk, and one that people who were there still remember years later, especially if they’re reminded that he temporarily adopted them as his grandchildren while delivering his message.


I added all of Grandpa Washburn’s talks to the J Ballard Washburn page. Now a 3rd BYU-Idaho devotional, as well as two General Conference talks are all available for viewing or download (mp3). I also spoke with Grandpa tonight and I will be getting video of “Our Mission in Life,” shortly. He had some related ideas that he said he felt prompted to try, so watch this site for more news soon.