I was recently contacted by Elya Beer, who’s associated with a new TV show called “Decoded.” Its essentially a show exploring symbolism. I assume they’re going off the popularity of Dan Brown’s novels & the movies made from them. From what the email says, it sounds like they want a real-life Robert Langdon:

I am working closely with the History Channel in putting together a new show called “Decoded”.  We are looking for a male co-host, ages 40-60 for a premium cable show that focuses on American Conspiracies, Mysteries and Secrets.  Our host should be a “believable believer,” someone who can challenge traditional scientific and historical methods. This person should bring a fresh perspective to the audience and the team that will allow the series to take unexpected turns i.e. conversations with numerologists, channelers etc. On the other hand, one of the important qualities that he should possess is the ability to not be simply a believer, but also  “speak with mathematical and scientific authority” and be able to converse with other members of the team on their own terms. We are looking for someone  who can convince our more  traditional hosts to rethink their position. He should also be flexible enough to be convinced that he is wrong at times. Finally the host should be smart, playful, a strong communicator and have a good sense of humor.  Advanced Degree a plus.

If you or anyone on your team fits this description and may be interested, please have them contact me as soon as possible.  Also, please feel free to post this on your website or pass this message along to anyone you feel may be appropriate.  Thank you and I hope to hear from you shortly.

-Elya Beer

[contact information removed since this is long since over]

I think it would be really cool if a member of the LDS Church was picked. Somebody with a degree or lots of background in history, ancient studies, or something related.  Though I’m sure they wouldn’t go for any Mormon doctrines being taught blatantly, it might give some perspective into things that couldn’t be given by someone not of our faith.

If you don’t feel you fit (maybe aren’t the right age), feel free to forward this on to anyone who you feel might. Or it would be great if you shared it via Facebook/Twitter/Digg (or use the little email link in the row of options at the bottom of this post), so we can get it out to our LDS friends, or anyone who would be good for the job. Regardless, I’ll be very interested to see the show when its released.

I actually applied to be a host of this show when they were looking for somebody younger, in the first round. I never heard anything back on my application, but assume that since they’re now looking for a “co-host” that the position has been filled. Feel free to contact Elya, or you can submit your application via their website: http://www.decodedtv.com/.