Many of you may have heard about Elder Oak’s recent BYU-Idaho devotional address. I just wanted to collect some of the information here for you to read/listen to/watch. Its an important message at an important time.

First, read the full text of the talk at, or download the MP3 at BYU-I’s devotionals archive.

Second, here’s an article the Church posted about it.

Third, here are a couple of news spots that KSL did:

Video Courtesy of


Video Courtesy of


Sacred Symbolic News

We were honored to be featured by another blog titled “The Mormon’s Are Coming.” They do articles on Mormon topics around the internet, and featured our recent article “Dan Brown’s ‘The Lost Symbol’: A Mormon’s Response” as reflective of the LDS response to Brown’s new novel. Visit their blog to see what they said.

We were also honored to have an expert in Masonry comment on that same post. I foolishly replied to his first comment without thinking it all the way through, and making the assumption he didn’t know what he was talking about (never do that). He corrected me, and we were able to clarify some things. He was kind enough to invite me on a tour of the SLC Masonic Temple. I don’t give his name, because I’m unsure if he wants it to be known. But be assured that guest commenter “GAC” knows Freemasonry very well.

Last note: sorry for multiple news-type posts. More sacred symbolism coming soon.